The Scam

PayOutPro ( is a classic Ponzi Scam similar to how most of these money making cons work and similar in many ways to how the other rev share scams that tried to conquer the world but failed miserably with the likes of Traffic Monsoon and Traffic Hurricane.

PayOutPro is no different and bares all the same features of the above aforementioned scams that eventually ended in misery for many and even got taken down by the SEC.

Here are the classic alarm bells that screams is a scam….

  1. Admin can’t be trusted due to his involvement in past scams that fleeced millions of unsuspecting users.
  2. Its a rev share and as we all know, rev shares never last longer than a marathon and most rev shares fail after the first year.
  3. It is a Ponzi/Pyramid scam that relies on external funds to sustain its longevity till they eventually dry up, plus Ponzi’s are illegal hence why the admin knows this hence why PayOutPro is based offshore and not in Canada or the states.
  4. It doesn’t really have any products or real service, and this raises alarm bells as it means it’s set up to fail without having any real services or products to offer.
  5. The admin has proved in the past to be unprofessional, unreliable, irresponsible, and complacent with peoples monies therefore proving that he is not cut out to be a CEO of any online money making enterprise.
  6. Drew is operating his new scam overseas also for tax evasion purposes.
  7. He has never admitted to the actual My24HourIncome scam but there is more damning evidence to suggest his lifestyle improved a hell of a lot around the time of the scam.
  8. Drew sold our personal information to the people behind the next scam The Ads Leader (TAL) without any written consent whatsoever.
  9. Drew was out of the country visiting other scammers in Europe at the time of the alleged HACK but I have proof from the script owners of My24HourIncome that Drew not only was he using a stolen ProX script but they didn’t find no trace of any hack.
  10. Anyone who steals another company’s website script then uses it illegally for financial gain says a lot about this person.

They are my 10 reasons why I believe PayOutPro could be yet another one of Drew’s scams. Just be careful guys, I was right about others like EEC, so maybe I am about this one.

Proof that Drew Burton is lying about the hack maybe hey? Hmmm
Seems like Drew’s been up to his old tricks again….tut tut

Good luck coz it looks like your going to need it.

Thanks for your time