Drew, Drew where are you?

Drew Burton aka Andrew Burton who is an infamous scammer from Barrie in Ontario, Canada is still up to his old tricks in the form of pushing more scams on Youtube.

The world knows all about this scamming rat so chances are that his new victims wont fully trust him or will eventually rumble him and his new internet marketing scams that so many people fell for back in the day.

His days are numbered and one day i can’t wait to bump into the greedy fool. Hurry up Drew and come to the UK pal so we can go toe to toe.

Drew you are scum and you know one day we will run into each other so quit running your scams and come meet me.

Why don’t we set up a meeting for this year sometime? perhaps use some of your ill gotten gains from some of your scams to buy a plane ticket to come meet me? or are you too chicken to come see me so we can find out from the horses mouth WHY you scammed so many people.

Tick tock…?????

Show yourself In 2022 Drew Burton You Scamming Scumbag

So after a few years do you honestly believe we have forgotten about you? think again Burton you scamming maggot.

Nothing gets past me especially when it comes to finding out how many OTHER scams you have pulled since My24hourIncome?????

Don’t worry i will soon publish a new list of recent scams of yours and then expose you via many of your facebook friends and family.

Watch out in 2022 for Operation Burton

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