Worst Online Scammers In 2021

One of the worst online scammers in 2021 has to awarded to none other than that rat bag Drew Burton from Barrie in Ontario. He just never seems to quit does he?

From scamming poor people in Russia to single mums in Australia, Drew Burton aka as his birth name and on Youtube lately Andrew Burton is up to his old tricks and i am writing this just to warn you about him.

You see i hate Drew Burton for being the scamming scum bag that he is and for the fact that he got away with scamming millions of people like you and me and i will NOT stop till i send him to jail.

Worst Online Scammers In 2021
Worst Online Scammers In 2021

Drew Burton will NEVER stop being a scammer or a ponzi pimp as he gleefully jumps from ponzi scheme sucking all his victims in like he has done on all these programs below

  • My24hourincome
  • Myadvertisingpays
  • Traffic Monsoon
  • Sincere Systems
  • Crypto Recycler
  • Fortadpays

and so many more. Don’t believe me? go read this article by Oz @ the awesome Behind MLM blog and you will find an in depth expose on Drew Burton and all his scams. He is not a very liked or respected man in the UK. Go here to read more about his infamous My24hourincome ponzi scam

What Makes Drew Burton The Worst Online Scammers In 2021?

Simply because he is still out there scamming people on Youtube with yet another online scam and for the simple fact is that OTHER victims will pay the price dearly and all because this man shows no care in the world for sucking naive and gullible people with his lies and deceitful so called marketing tactics and then doing a fast one when everything collapses. He is nothing more than a gormless scamming worm.

Drew Burton is a complete and utter liability and not only is he the worst online scammer in 2021 but he is by far the worst marketer i have ever come across.

He is like the Canadian version of Simon Stepsys but only worse as he just rips people off without any care in the world.

So this callous and wreckless attitude makes his the worst scammer online in 2021 and in my view, everyone should stay away from his ploys and plans to use you to spend your hard earned bucks so he can make a living off you like he has done to everyone that has had the misfortune of dealing with him.

For me, Drew Burton won’t quit scamming people until the law catches up with him. I just hope that this is soon so his victims the world over can sleep easy at night and finally have justice for the scummy scams that he used to do us all over with them with impunity back in 2016.


Being called the Worst online scammers in 2021 is probably a buzz to Drew Burton and he probably loves the attention that it brings but really and truthfully all it does is show people who are currently dealing with him or about to deal with him that he is NEVER to be trusted.

Not only is the punk one of the biggest scammers on the internet right now but he is one of the most hated failed marketers from everyone on all sides. The things that this prick has got away with would just shock any one. Yet still people get sucked in by him and his scams, MORE FOOL YOU!

Don’t say i didn’t warn you! Stay clear if you want to keep your money safe.

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