Look Out Drew, Canada Here We Come 🇨🇦

Inside The Mind Of The Scammer Drew Burton

Well in recent developments, it’s been decided that we are to fly to Toronto in Canada for a few good valid reasons and for the victims with the total support and backing from Drew Burton’s many victims to seek the truth and make sure we get the justice we deserve for his crimes.

Look Out Drew, Canada Here We Come 🇨🇦
Home Of Captain Scammer AKA Drew Burton

I’m not going just to stare at the snowy landscape, Or feed the polar bears, but simply to just to get answers off Drew Burton, and to look him in the eye and ask him the relevant kind of questions as he is too much of a obvious coward to meet up with me online. This long awaited visit is long overdue in my humble opinion, and as I’m a huge fan of travelling what better way to spend the bank holiday and my precious time than to catch up with the same punk who probably spent my investment on his new home.

You will need to find receipts for everything buddy, especially your main assets coz if they have been bought out of the stolen loot from the my24hourincome.com scam which you ran into the ground with your cronies.

I also intend to meet with local law enforcement officers from both the CAFC (Canadian Anti Fraud Centre) and other law enforcement authorities whose names I won’t mention in case It jeopardises the whole case that’s being built up concerning Drew Burton over his illegal operation and his breach of hundreds of his victims personal information which we have substantial evidence to prove he sold our info WITHOUT OUR WRITTEN OR ELECTRONIC CONSENT.

So we have a rather huge petition that I plan on handing into the above law enforcement departments that deal with scammers such as Drew every day.

Time is certainly running out for Drew Burton guys, and I told you that this crook can’t hide forever so we think it’s high time I hung him out go dry in his home town. So much so I am going to be concluding my documentary in Canada so I hope Drew has got some good explanations planned and primed for me and my camera. I will be screening it LIVE from this blog and you will get to see my visit and everything right from the comfort of your own home. All done through my new media company now that I have become a freelance journalist for my company ProMedia TV. We will provide you with dates and everything soon guys. We want it to be a pretty big surprise when I turn up in Canada for Drew, and anyone else who supports his scam. In fact there will be a few of his hitting his hometown, we plan to have one good party afterwards so bring it on.

If justice can’t be brought to him as he cons himself out of every corner like true snake that he is, I will gladly bring justice to him.

May god have mercy upon his soul, he won’t get none from me!