The Proof

Hey guys all you have to do to judge a person on their future is to really judge them on their past, for example, if you just simply type into Google the name “Drew Burton” you will find not only a ton of evidence and proof to show that he is a well known scam artist but if you just click on my online petition that I did via, you will find it at the top of the search results in first position (shows how popular and successful our little victory was to us) and if you just sift through the dozens of victims comments you will find hundreds of proof that Drew Burton is NOT no angel and the next Bill Gates. Far from it, in fact he is shadier than Slim Shady. Here’s why?

Ever since Drew Burton started his online journey, it’s never been one of the most easiest rides, in fact he should have been thrown in jail years ago through the amount of garbage he has sold to so many people under the false pretence that it was all kosher and everything was hunky dory when really it was the total opposite. This pathetic excuse of a man has been slanging online scams for years, we have compiled a list of some of the worst scams he has been directly involved in and with his family and his online cronies.

The Ads Leader

My Advertising Pays

Traffic Monsoon

Fort Ad Pays

Rockwell Investments

And in every single one of these have either been shut down, or people have been robbed by the owners or the referrers like Drew.

Drew ran two of these operations and trust screwed everyone over, if you still don’t believe me, go onto YouTube and type in Drew Burton scammer and the proof will hit you like a sledgehammer.

At the end of the day, he is NOT to be trusted at all and if your heavily involved in one of his scams, get the hell out of it coz he will only do to you what he has been doing for years, scamming the life out of people. I think he must get a kick out of it or something. Feel sorry for his family coz if they knew how many hearts and bank balances he has raised they would disown him and throw him to the wolves like he once did to us.

The proof is all out there guys, you just have to read this stuff for yourself

His reaction will be, denial and blame others but he was our captain, and we got sunk by our own captain.

Now we are back and ready to bring him to account for what the scum bag did to everyone.