Drew Drew, Where Are You? Pushing Another Scam?

Wow! Drew Drew, Where Are You? It’s been like a couple of years since i have exposed this world famous scamming dog called Drew Burton also known as Andrew Burton.

The same scam dog who ripped everyone off in his famous scams and i bet you would love to know if this infamous scamming charlatan is up to his old tricks again?

Making scammers lives hell…as you do!

Well let me put it this way, a leopard never changes its spots and as expected, he is back to scamming more people from his mansion in Barrie, Ontario in Canada.

One day i will catch up with the scamming punk and boy i can’t wait for it to happen so if he is reading this please send me your rendevouz if you ever come here to the UK. Alot of conned families would love to hear your same bullshit excuses as to why you robbed everyone.

See i read your dumb message you sent me on facebook when you tried making excuses for your crimes that teared a lot of families up and even in some cases made some families poor.


He is at it again with his scam promoting!

For every scammer like dumb Drew Burton whose days are sadly numbered for him, there is always someone like me who will do everything in my power to expose them and bring them to justice.

They shouldn’t be allowed to operate a computer again or even breathe the same air as me for they do not give a rats ass about anyone but themselves. Drew is what i like to call a dumb shark and as we all know, sharks always operate in such a stealthy manner and will take chunks out of everything until it’s too late. I am the shark the hunter if that’s the case and he is merely just a minnow.

You see scamming idiots like Drew Burton love to BRAG about their scams and expose themselves with other peoples money

Well you can actually find this vile piece of shit under the name ANDREW BURTON on his Youtube channel and he continues to market himself in a laughable way as a MARKETER but as we all know he is nothing more than a greedy shark who is after your money.

He is promoting what will probably become another scam called Sincere Systems and if Drew is promoting it then god help those muppets under him when they realise they got hoodwinked like we all did in My 24 hour Income.

Face it guys, the shark is still on the prowl and i have always got my harpoon ready to catch the scam artist. It’s only a matter of time for him to mess up and then he will be sorry.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts Burton.


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