The Start

Welcome everyone to PayOutPro Scam….the official blog that aims to show you why you SHOULD NOT invest your money.

Lately it’s come to my attention that the same scammer and con man based in Canada who goes by the name of Drew Burton, has started a new scam called PayOutPro ( and this somewhat deeply troubled me as I, along with countless others whose names I will reveal later, fell victim to his last rev share scam which was called My24HourIncome, which he used to fund his home, his car, his holidays and countless other luxuries out of everyone’s earnings.

He blatantly took everyone for a fool, he systematically robbed us all to the tune of $30 million bucks, and now he will probably do exactly do the same again, and yet everyone seems to have either fallen for this idiots vacant charm and disgusting lies or greed has gotten in the way again.
No matter what the excuse is, or whatever the reason you may you use to justify your involvement, you need to pull your money out coz this guy Drew is a first class con man and his only motivation is not to help you make a ton of money, but it’s to help himself make a ton of money before this new scam collapses, and trust me collapse it will, it’s inevitable like most of these online scams, especially rev shares like this which work on the principle of robbing Peter to pay Paul. One day both Peter and Paul will be demanding money at the same time, when it’s too late and that filth Drew is nowhere to be seen, what are you going to do then when he has lost all your money like he has done MASSIVELY and SUCCESSFULLY to millions of others? Still keep calling me a liar?

Like I did with all the Facebook cons from FX10, FX50, EEC and many more that I exposed along the way when everyone tried calling me a liar and all the same crap when I was proved to be right all along.
PayOutPro is no different to the rest, it may seem genuine and foolproof and it’s never going to collapse but I will make it my mission to prove to you all 3 things to help you make your mind up and hopefully make you see sense to do the right thing and pull your hard earned money out before Drew (the snake as I prefer to call him) gets his filthy hands on it.
Soon, I plan to start a new YouTube channel to accompany this blog and get other victims to come forward to tell you their stories and what happened to them thanks to this scammer and his gang of thieving rats from Canada to Pakistan.

This is just a start, this is just a warning about what’s about to kick off to do everything in my power to expose Drew Burton for the snake that he is and to make sure that I do all that I can to safeguard your funds and to hopefully shutdown this new scam called PayOutPro before it destroys millions of other lives like it once did to us.

Drew…I’m coming for you! I’m going to enjoy bringing down your new scam before you steal from these poor folks.

And I look forward to exposing you and your new scam which by the time I finish with you it will all go POP! 

He maybe a good marketer, and he may be coming across as a good salesman, but that’s all he is, full of BS and lies and endless broken promises and lies.