Victory Over Drew Burton AKA Serial Scammer

Finally got my revenge on Drew.

Last week after Drew Burton aka Captain scammer of Canada got exposed by myself about his new scam site called, he knew I was onto him so like true coward that he is, he started to use the old tactic of trying to shut me up by shutting my blogs down. That soon backfired.

With a little help from my lawyer, I won the appeal with Google, and got my blog back. 🙂

So clearly that pointless tactic of Drew’s didn’t work so now it’s my turn to expose the first class chicken shit to the whole world to further PROVE that he continues to lie and deceive the users by coming out with some bullshit story about why the new scam went down and it was all due to cleaning cookies, yeah right wipe your chin Drew your talking shit again.

We have the PROOF of the recent HACK!

So let me know by email if you would like to find out for yourselves how vulnerable your data is and how I know for sure that Drew Burton will in the end screw your over.

So this bitter sweet victory over Drew is a huge thing to me coz it shows me that there is someone out there who wants this cunt stopped, and there is someone watching me who wants Drew to face justice for what he did to us all in How he never went to jail is beyond me but sure enough he will screw the lot of you soon enough and then you will all be coming crying to me.

Drew needs to know that his lame attempt to shut me up along with a few others to try and silence the TRUTH will only make us more determined and committed to spreading the truth everywhere and in all the right places for all the right people to see.

We plan on executing different plans every day now to make sure the world knows about this bad apple who stupidly believes that he hasn’t done nothing wrong and that he never scammed us in his last scam and that it’s all one big lie and he can just carry on regardless still conning people out of their hard earned money and making their lives in the process.

“Drew + Payoutpro = NEXT BIGGEST SCAM”

This well needed sweet victory is what I needed to give me a boost to help me keep the cause flying and make me get in touch with the right local and federal authorities in Canada to shut this scammer down once and for all.

The facts still remain that Drew is a scammer, he scammed us all in the last scam, he will scam you in the new scam and his brand won’t exist by the time I finish with the prick.

Bet Doris is so proud of you Drew, shame on her and for marrying such a scamming scum bag like you. Time she and her family knew the truth about her scamming husband. Wonder if she was in on it? Wonder if she helped in the My24hour scam hmmmm perhaps I will ask the right people in their lives. If Drew thinks he can scam the world and get away with he is seriously tripping

Anyways all victories especially over scammers is a major blow to them so look out for more on this story and the hacking one in future posts.

I love a good victory over Drew Burton.
I love zapping scammers!

5 thoughts on “Victory Over Drew Burton AKA Serial Scammer

    1. Think you need to stop telling lies with Drew about the recent HACK hence why the site was down. I’m a web designer and error code 503 means deep trouble for your software and servers, if only the members knew the truth hey tut tut


  1. he took me for 6000.00 and it was my money that I got for my inheritance, a small amount but big to me…. I trusted him and then he stiffed us all, I trusted and that will never happen again! I would wish he would get his for what he did to a lot of people, it is pretty sad…Elaine

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    1. So sad what this thief done to you Elaine as I remember talking to you about this and about maybe hopefully things would get better but like you said, he stuffed us all and screwed us right over yet on YouTube amongst all his minions of greedy followers who are just plain blind or stupid, they don’t know how much of a charlatan and fraud Drew is and yet he prefers to try make you think that your mad or that your in the wrong for calling him out and exposing him and his scams. Let’s face it, we all know what went on so it’s just a matter of time before everyone realizes just how much of a crooked bad scammer he really is. SHAME ON HIM FOR STEALING YOUR $6000 bucks! Let’s hope karma catches up with him and don’t let him, or his empty threats scare you off from speaking your mind. Once a crook, always a crook! Don’t worry he will be continued to be NAMED and PUBLICALLY SHAMED and his so called good image which as we know is a load of tosh as it’s in pieces or bad down his actions. Trust me he will pay for his scams! Hope your okay and thanks for sharing your story Elaine.

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